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Starting Again
Yamaha SY77 digital synthesizer
Maths and Music are alike!
Correct woodwind for a passage!
Complex or simple music video at youtube?
What is the best time of day to write music?
Yes! Half Year's Resolution!
Biggest Tuba in the World: Big Carl!
Improving IS important! Part #1 please!
Improving IS important! Part #2!
Music is beautiful! Music is everywhere!
What is music?
"Easter Suite" - 1st Part, by John Tzinieris
"Easter Suite" - 2nd Part, by John Tzinieris
"Easter Suite" - 3rd Part, by John Tzinieris
"Easter Suite" - 4th Part, by John Tzinieris
"Easter Suite" - 5th Part, by John Tzinieris
"Easter Suite" - 6th Part, by John Tzinieris
Pet Shop Boys : Opportunities
Glenn Gould’s chair
Cubase happy hour!
Don Quixote and Composers
The call of the unknown
Shanice Wilson music
Less Common Instruments of the Orchestra
Smell of the genius
Maths and Music
Arcade "Twin Cobra" music!
Handel Magic!
Kiri te Kanawa singing the best song of Villa-Lobos
Stupid Moment: Lost Inspiration
Improvement vs Satisfaction
Playing with youtube playback speed! :-)
Tell me all of you if ...
Pacific 231
Choosing the appropriate sound from a synth bank
Understanding soundtracks (humorous version)
Interesting piece of machinery!
Family is always important!
Accordion everybody!
No time man!
Philosophy of the nearly eternal
Small technical failure :-(
Great Equation Here!
Quite Expected:
Creating a new studio..
Music Special Qualities:
Children Songs!
Men's Men-tal Instru-men-tal!
Children Songs - Part 2
Men's Men-tal Instru-men-tal - Part 2!
Youtube Music Video Trends
Just be creative, but, when?
Half Year’s Resolution!
Improving IS important! Part #1 please!
Biggest Tuba in the World: Wow!
Good Old Times...
Interesting Art(i)Fact!
It’s just... (well, read below!)
Improving IS important! Part #2!
Clarinet is the best!
An Excellent-Handy Book On Design
Converting an Event to Music!
Subjectivity of Creation Evaluation
Dynamico: electronic music by John Tzinieris
Magical: electronic music by John Tzinieris
Magic Work - 2nd Part: music for Orchestra by John Tzinieris
Night Flower: electronic music by John Tzinieris
Merry Christmas!!
Let 2020 be creative!
“Loving you” by Minnie Riperton
Those Old Compositions!
Old compositions & techno songs!
Peanuts Hucko
Clarinet or Saxophone Sound ?
Another Woodwind Sound?
New Record in Youtube!
Mess with Old Compositions!
Music for a Rainy Friday Night!
Unfinished Compositions!
Excellent Text from InterludeHK
Sentiments & Enthusiasm
Classical & Jazz Music
Just Melodies...
Another Interesting Article!
VSDC Free Video Editor
Politics & Music
Brian Ferneyhough "Etudes Trascendentales"
Writing Music &,Technical Issues
Most Precise Music Score
Night Flower by John Tzinieris
Music Synthesizers Talk!
Store for Clarinet Accessories
What is really music..
Impressionism & Spring
Christ is Risen!
Easter Suite - 1st Part: "Jesus enters Jerusalem to teach" by John Tzinieris
Easter Suite - 2nd Part: "The night when Jesus was arrested" by John Tzinieris
Easter Suite - 3rd Part: "Total despair" by John Tzinieris
Easter Suite - 4th Part: "The Crucifixion" by John Tzinieris
Easter Suite - 5th Part: "Clouded minds" by John Tzinieris
Easter Suite - 6th Part: "The Resurrection" by John Tzinieris
Software vs Hardware Synths Discussion
The Melodica Men!
Interlude.hk: Classical Music Website
Pet Shop Boys: "Opportunities" (original version)
Mastering your Own Tracks
Steinberg offering Discount on all Cubase Family Products!
Franz Xaver Mozart fate..
Composers in Different Genres of Music
The Call of the Unknown..
Composers learning by Don Quixote
Shanice Wilson Music
Maths and Music
Mozart - Symphony No. 33 in B flat, K.319
Smell of the Genius
Unusual Instruments of the Orchestra: Video
Twin Cobra Music!
About George Frideric Handel
Choosing Correct Woodwind for a Passage (Version 1)
Kiri te Kanawa singing "Bachianas Brasileiras no 5" by Heitor Villa-Lobos
Boring Tasks
Lost Inspiration
Improving Track Orchestration
Experimenting with Youtube Playback Speed
Strange Questions
"Pacific 231" by Arthur Honegger
Choosing Sound from a Synth Bank
Understanding Soundtracks (Humorous Version)
Ideas that Come Against All Odds
Collidoscope Demo
The Complete Clarinet Family by Cyrille Mercadier
How to Play Piano Accordion by Tony Kovatch
Lack of Time for Music
Some Philosophical Thoughts
Studio Damage!
Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky: 1812 Overture (Full with Cannons)
Benny Hill Tune: Yakety Sax by James Rich & Boots Randolph
New Studio Rules
Music Special Qualities
Children Songs
Men's Men-tal Instru-men-tal!
Famous Children's Song by Giorgos Hatzinasios, Michalis Bourboulis & Tania Tsanaklidou.
Men's Men-tal Instru-men-tal (Part 2): Carmen by Georges Bizet
Youtube Music Video Trends
Most Suitable Part of the Day for Creative Tasks
Half Year's Resolution!
Improving is Important - Part #1
Biggest Tuba in the World: "Big Carl" by "Carl Fischer Music" Store
Good Old Times!
Creating Scary Art!
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's piano sonata No 16 in C major!
Improving is Important - Part #2
Clarinet is the Best!
"The non-Designer's Design Book" by Robin Williams
Various Ways of Converting an Event to Music
Subjectivity of Creation Evaluation
Dynamico: Electronic Music by John Tzinieris!
Magical: Electronic Music by John Tzinieris!
Magic Work - 2nd Part: Music for Orchestra by John Tzinieris!
Night Flower: Electronic Music by John Tzinieris!
Merry Christmas!
Happy New Year 2020!
Let New Year 2020 be as Creative as it can be!
Minnie Riperton "Loving You"
Buena Vista Social Club Inspiration
Chet Baker Quartet performing Jazz standard "No Problem"
A Beautiful Song by legendary Mikis Theorodakis
Terms adequate for evaluation of music
Chasing the Impossible?
AI and Music Composition
Data Data Data...
Have talent in succeeding!

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